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1634-The Bavarian Crisis

Table of Contents

January 1634
To me alone there came a thought of grief

Part One
January 1634
The glory and the freshness of a dream

Chapter 1
Pietas Austriaca

Chapter 2
Prudentia Politica

Chapter 3
Femella Minima

Chapter 4
Bavaria Sancta

Chapter 5
Dux Christianus

Part Two
March 1634
In a thousand valleys, far and wide

Chapter 6
Commoditas Maxima

Chapter 7
Miles Bellicosus

Chapter 8
Idea Boni Principis

Chapter 9
Corona Conflagrens

Chapter 10
Bella Gerant Alii

Part Three
April 1634
And lovely is the rose

Chapter 11
Iuventus Speratus

Chapter 12
Exercitium Religionis Privatum

Chapter 13
Familia Restorata

Chapter 14
Exercitia Futilitatis

Chapter 15
Rosa Mystica

Part Four
May 1634
There hath passed away a glory from the earth

Chapter 16
Quaestiones Diplomaticae

Chapter 17
Honoris Causa

Chapter 18
Dramatis Nuptialis

Chapter 19
Disciplina Militaris

Chapter 20
Et Ferrum Ferentes

Chapter 21
Mulieres Intrepidae

Chapter 22
Ferrum Redux

Chapter 23
Difficultas Laborque Discendi

Part Five
June 1634
Those shadowy recollections

Chapter 24
Tempora Jucunda

Chapter 25
Enchiridion Chirurgicum

Chapter 26
Occasio Rarissima

Chapter 27
Optiones Ineptae

Chapter 28
Maleficiae Abditae
Atque Perfidiosae

Chapter 29

Chapter 30
Conjurationes Atque Consilia

Chapter 31
Pompa Introitus

Chapter 32
Festae Miraculique

Part Six
July 1634
Shades of the prison-house begin to close

Chapter 33
Schola Patientiae

Chapter 34
Rumores Plurimi

Chapter 35
Stipendia Pluria

Chapter 36
Audacter Calumniare

Chapter 37
Sedis Apostolicae Propositiones

Chapter 38
Nova Confoederatio

Chapter 39
Peregrinatores Suspiciosi

Chapter 40
Schola Cordis

Chapter 41
Sursum Corda

Chapter 42
Effugium Admirabile

Chapter 43
Decisiones Abrogandas

Chapter 44
Amicitia Plena

Chapter 45
Momentum, Utilitatum, Pretiumque Communicationis

Chapter 46
Servus Mori

Chapter 47
Ad Extrema Descendere

Chapter 48
Haeredes Bavariae

Part Seven
August 1634
And I again am strong

Chapter 49
Triumphata Conscientia

Chapter 50
Negotiationes Et Resolutiones

Chapter 51
Multiformis Atque Multimodis

Chapter 52
Excursio Culpae

Chapter 53
Lux Veritatis

Chapter 54
Personae Consecratae

Chapter 55
Vultures Culturae

Chapter 56
Vita Brevis

Part Eight
September 1634
Another race hath been, and other palms are won

Chapter 57
Distrahere Dolor Tale Dulcis

Chapter 58
Pericula Varia

Chapter 59
Augusta Vindelicum

Chapter 60
Magnus Dies

Chapter 61
Epistolae Diplomaticae

Chapter 62
Benedictiones Multiplex

Chapter 63
Potentiam Concupiscere

Chapter 64
Sceptrum Tenens

Chapter 65
Tu, Felix Austria, Nube

Chapter 66
Facinus Magnum Ac Memorabile

Chapter 67
Nuntius Optatissimus

Chapter 68
Rosa Mystica, Redux

Chapter 69
Monita Paterna

Part Nine
October 1634
Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower

Chapter 70
Mars gravior sub pace latet.

Chapter 71
Cor Ad Cor Locquitur

November 1634
Though nothing can bring back the hour

Cast of Characters

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