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Chapter Two

"It's nice to mostly have the house back," Mike said, walking into the dining room. Nielson was drinking tea and looking over some papers while Adams was finishing off a plate of ham and eggs.

"Fewer fights over the girls," Adams said.

The Keldara were well into their patrolling phase of training and that required fewer instructors. With "basic" over, most of the trainers had left. A few were still around for patrolling and advanced training and some, like Adams, Nielson and Vanner, looked to be permanent additions. But the house was definitely less full than it had been. Especially with most of the remaining trainers out running the Keldara around the mountains.

"The girls" were local hookers that Mike had hired for the aid and comfort of poor trainers far from the joys of home. The owner of the local brothel had given Mike a good deal on long-term rental eventually giving up the business entirely, and sending his one remaining girl to join the others.

Four of the five girls were completely standard Third World working girls. Three of them were from the local area farms, girls with no better prospect than being working girls for the rest of their lives, while the other two were Russians. One of those, Katya, was somewhat different. Poisonously mean when she could get away with it, the girl had never adjusted to being "owned" in the way that was common in the area.

Mike, who had nicknamed her "Cottontail," was slowly shifting her out of being a working girl and into pursuits more suited for her high level intelligence and utter sociopathy. He wasn't sure what he was going to do with her long-term—the option of putting her in an unmarked grave was still out there—but he saw lots of potential in the girl if he could just trust her even a bit.

That, however, would not be a smart thing to do.

"Speaking of the girls," Mike said. "I'm going to move Cottontail fully into intel. I wish we had a good Humint trainer around; I think Katya would probably be a good agent."

"If you could trust anything she gave you," Nielson pointed out, looking up from his papers. "Could you?"

"Depends on what was in it for her," Mike said, shrugging. "She really hates Chechens, probably more than she hates the rest of the world. If we use her to develop Humint in the Chechen region it might work."

"She'll need to learn Arabic," Adams said, wiping his plate with a biscuit.

"Berlitz has a course available," Mike said. "Of course, that means letting her out of the house. Hell, I'll give her a handful of cash and tell her she can go if she wants. Win/win proposition."

"What about 'your' girls?" Nielson asked.

In addition to the hookers, Mike had more or less inherited a harem. Sexual slavery was rife in the region and most of it was controlled by the Chechens who used it, along with drugs, as funding for their ongoing war with the Russians. Most of the girls were bought from orphanages or their parent,s since the farmers in the region could get nearly a year's income for otherwise "useless" women. But the Chechens weren't above snatching a girl off the street.

One such group had snatched one of the Keldara girls from the local town where she had gone to market. When they took off in their van they passed right by Mike's caravanserai.

He had taken five shots from a Barrett .50 caliber to stop the van, fortunately missing the girls all in the back. Then he and the reaction team of trainers had taken down the two Chechens in the van.

This left Mike with seven girls ranging in age from twelve to seventeen on his hands. Inquiries had indicated that they were no deposit, no return; the various farms that had sold them had no interest in getting them back. After discussing the situation with his local advisers, Mike had accepted that the best course of action was to take them in as concubines. He'd considered various alternatives, but none of them would really work. He'd drawn the line at breaking in the really young ones, but the rest now were his bed warmers.

However, he'd immediately seen the problem with having a house full of teenaged girls to manage. So he'd gone to Uzbekistan, where harems were traditional, and hired a professional harem manager. Anastasia had turned out to have far more skills than just harem management. Not only was she great in the sack, she spoke multiple languages and was at home in almost any social environment.

Mike had also hired a female tutor for the girls. His long term plan was to get them trained to a level that they could get into college and get a "real" life. But in the meantime, he couldn't exactly bitch about having five very good looking teenage screw-bunnies at his beck and call.

"None of them are the right mindset to set on something like this," Mike replied. "But Anastasia is fluent in Arabic. Maybe I'll have her teach Cottontail."

"Be careful what she teaches her," Adams said, without looking up. "You might get a very nasty surprise."

"Are you talking about Anastasia teaching Katya or the other way around?" Nielson asked, grinning.


* * *

"Genadi," Mike said, as he pulled up in his Expedition next to the farm manager. "I haven't spoken to you in weeks. How goes the farm?"

When Mike had bought the Keldara farm, which essentially meant the entire multithousand acre valley, he had been less than satisfied with the overseer that came with it. In short, Otar Tarasova was a blow-hard and a bully that didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. The local police chief had turned up Genadi Mahona, who was not only school trained in agronomy but a member of the Keldara. Otar and Genadi had earlier had a run-in and the former manager had forced him off the farm, to the level of having him thrown out of the Keldara.

Mike was impressed by the young man. Genadi knew the problems of farming in the valley with its very short growing season, but he was also more than willing to bring in modern techniques and equipment to improve conditions. He was also willing to face down the Keldara elders over his changes. The Keldara were open to many new ideas and ways of doing things even while being dead stubborn on others, and many of the elders thought that Genadi was going to starve them all with his new seeds, planting methods, fertilizers and "herbicides." After all, anything that killed the weeds would certainly kill the crops. This year was going to be a test of how well he knew his stuff. Mike was betting that things would go well.

"I could use some hands," Genadi admitted. "When are the younger men going to be free for work again?"

"Not for a few weeks," Mike said, frowning. "What do you need?"

"Small things, but numerous," the farm manager answered. "Some trenching that I can't get a backhoe into, some repairs on the barns that requires strong backs. The old men are doing well, as are the women, but there is only so much they can do."

"We've got a break in the training schedule coming up the end of the week," Mike said, frowning. "I'll see about gettting that break extended from a few days to maybe two weeks. I want them to have a break before we go to patrol phase two. That's going to be a ball buster."

"I'll put it off until then," Genadi said, nodding. "And I'll make sure they have a break towards the end."

"Great," Mike said, grinning. "How's the crop?"

"Even Father Mahona admits that the grains are coming in well," Genadi replied, smiling broadly. "And the peas are nearly ready to harvest. We'll do that with the combine so I won't need the young men. Before it would have taken everyone stripping the plants, but the combine has an attachment that does it for us. Then we'll replant in beets for the fall crop."

"Whatever," Mike said, admitting that he knew nothing about farming.

"It goes well," Genadi said, smiling back. "Very well."

"Good," Mike replied. "That's all I needed to hear anyway."

"The farm goes well," the farm manager said, frowning slightly, "but there is another problem."

"What now?" Mike asked, sighing.

"Father Nona and Father Kulcyanov would like to meet with you, privately," Genadi said. "It is a very private reason, for the Kildar only. Not involving the militia."

"Today?" Mike asked, puzzled.

"Soon," Genadi said, shrugging. "Not right away. Any time this week or next week would do."

"Going to hint about what?" Mike asked, smiling.

"I think they need to discuss it with you," Genadi said, shrugging. "It is for them to say."

"Tomorrow do?" Mike asked. "Afternoon?"

"That is fine," Genadi replied.

* * *

Mike entered the caravanserai and looked around the foyer. Two of the harem, Tinata and Azhela, were sitting in the foyer area playing a game involving small colored pebbles. Tinata was a sixteen-year-old with flamboyantly large breasts and flaming red hair that was quite natural. Mike knew for sure and certain that the curtains matched the rug. Azhela was smaller with fine, light brown hair and a smaller chest that, nonetheless, was quite noticeable on her smaller frame.

In a move that made sense to him at the time, he'd had Anastasia obtain uniforms for the girls. They were essentially "school-girl" uniforms, white shirt, blue and green plaid skirts and low-quarter shoes, which had advantages and disadvantages. It cut down on the petty bickering about who got to wear what on what day, and who was prettiest, which was a major point of contention among the girls. However, as with many males, he found the "school-girl" look was a major turn-on. It didn't help that they were, essentially, real school girls. As usual when the girls popped to their feet, skirts swirling, their shirts straining their buttons, smiling, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and obviously quite willing to satisfy his every desire, whatever important problem had been on his mind went right out the window. The braces that many of them now sported didn't help matters.

Mike dragged his eyes away from Tinata's remarkably fine breasts and shook his head.

"I think I need to dress you girls in chadours," he said, smiling to show it was a joke. "But could one of you ask Anastasia to meet me in my office whenever it's convenient for her?"

"Yes, Kildar," Tinata said, curtseying slightly and bowing her head in a gesture of meekness that Mike knew was an act. The girl was an absolute minx in bed. "I'll go summon her directly."

"Don't bother her if she's doing anything important," Mike said, heading for his office.

"Shall I come back with her, Kildar?" Tinata asked, looking at him out of the corner of one eye.

"No," Mike said, definitely. "But don't go far. I haven't got anything scheduled this afternoon."

* * *

"You asked to see me, Kildar?" Anastasia said as she entered his office.

The harem manager had been a member of an Uzbek sheik's harem since she was twelve. She was tall and refined with long, lovely, blonde hair and blue eyes with a slight epicanthic fold. Fine boned with the face of an angel, she could have made big money as a supermodel. Instead she had been immured in a harem for fourteen years with rare opportunities to get out; the flight to Georgia had actually been her first flight on an airplane.

She was trained, and naturally skilled, at managing groups of girls. However, she had few other skills. Since she was getting a bit long in the tooth for the tastes of the sheik, at all of twenty-six, she was looking at being either given away as a bride to some retainer or being sent off with a chunk of money to find a new life. The "new life" would probably be a madame in a whorehouse, given that she didn't know anything else.

The job offer from Mike had been like a gift from heaven. Not only did Mike need a manager, he was far less controlling than the sheik and more than willing to include her in his travels. Then there was the fact that Anastasia was a serious masochistic submissive. The sheik had never had a strong enough hand with the whip in her opinion and was otherwise rather uninteresting in bed, generally going for "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" but not even staying awake for the "thank you" part. Mike was a serious dom and more than willing to satisfy that side of her sexual personality. Then there was the fact that he considered it a duty and a pleasure to make a woman have a good time in the sack. For Anastasia the last months had been heaven. Her only complaint was that Mike still hadn't set up the bondage dungeon in the old cellars that he'd promised her.

"I want you to start working more with Katya," Mike said, waving her to a chair. "I know she's working with Vanner, but I want you to start training her in Arabic."

"I already have been," Anastasia said, smiling. "And German and French. She already speaks Russian and more English than she's willing to admit. I started teaching her other languages to keep her busy. When she's learning, she isn't so much of a problem. And she is very smart. Smarter than I am, I have to admit. She soaks up information and has a remarkable memory."

"Especially for slights," Mike said, sighing. "But that's good. I want you to concentrate on Arabic and Chechen dialects of Russian and Arabic for the time being. Get her able to understand it, clearly, no matter how garbled."

"I understand," Anastasia said, nodding. "Are you sure you can trust her?"

"No," Mike admitted. "But leave that for me to worry about. I'll set it up as a win/win proposition. She can do the mission, or she can run. She won't have enough information to do us serious harm."

"She has been working with Vanner," Anastasia pointed out. "She knows about your intercept capability."

"So do the Chechens," Mike pointed out, sourly. "The Russians leaked it to them."

"But she knows details," Anastasia argued.

"We can change codes after she leaves," Mike said. "And that won't be soon. I'll pull her out of Vanner's section and set her to learning. For that matter, I'll see what I can scrounge up in the way of manuals on infiltration and espionage. I think she'd be good at it. And if she cuts and runs instead, well, then we don't have to worry about her anymore."

"There is that," Anastasia said, smiling. "So, when do I get my bondage dungeon?"

"I'll put it on my construction list," Mike said, grinning. "But this afternoon, I've made another date."

"Tinata," Anastasia said, nodding. "I'd wondered why she was looking so happy."

* * *

Mike laid the red-head down on the bed and leaned down to gently kiss her on the neck.

All the girls knew his tastes by this point and Tinata had changed into a pair of five-inch spike sandals. She moaned and twisted aside as he tickled her neck with his tongue, sliding around to reach for his crotch.

"Not so fast, young one." Mike chuckled, sitting down next to her. "We've got all afternoon."

"That is very good," Tinata said, turning her eyes aside in mock shyness. "I can wear you out."

"Good luck." Mike chuckled again, kissing her neck and then digging his tongue into the juncture of her shoulder and neck. There was a muscle there with a nerve running along it that generally got women juicing and Tinata moaned again as his tongue dug firmly into the nerve juncture.

He slid his hand up her stomach, untucking her shirt and began unbuttoning it. He occasionally just tore one off—he owned the uniforms after all—but this time he was taking his time. Tinata enjoyed being pinned but wasn't into full bondage and still freaked out a bit when he got too rough. She enjoyed a bit of dominance but that didn't mean she was a full BDSM freak. The last two times they'd been together he'd only had time for a quickie. She orgasmed, but barely. He intended to drive her nuts this afternoon. And he had a secret weapon: she was really turned on by giving head.

He slowly unbuttoned her blouse while continuing to suckle at her neck, occasionally putting one hand on her upper arm. The spread of goosebumps was a good indicator of how interested the girl was and this one had bumps to her elbow, good sign.

As the bra came off he slid down her chest, still teasingly, and slowly worked his way around her breasts. They really were quite magnificent, solid and natural DDs but still so young and fresh they were nearly as hard as fakes. They were also quite sensitive and by the time he'd finally worked his way to the nipples, sucking and licking on one while his hand worked the other, she was moaning.

He suddenly reached up and grasped her hair, slithering around so that he was on his back and she was up on her knees.

"Do me," he ordered, pushing her head down towards his crotch.

Tinata let out another moan and slid his pants down, bringing out his member. She began by slowly licking along the base, working her way up with light flicks of her tongue.

He reached past her arm and cradled one of those magnificent breasts, stroking it lightly with the balls of his fingers as she began to fellate him. The combination of her fetish for head and the sensitivity of her breasts caused her to stop for a moment, just shuddering, as she ran her cheek up and down his dick.

"Keep going," Mike said, grabbing her by the hair and sliding her lips back over his cock. "I didn't say you could stop."

He quit playing with her tits and reached around, grabbing her ass and dragging it closer so he could reach between her legs. He slid his hand under her cotton panties and up onto her clit, stroking her labia and clit lightly.

Tinata started to stop again, shuddering too hard to go on, but he had retained his hold on her hair and he began forcing her up and down on his dick as his finger plunged into her slit.

The girl began to rock and moan while keeping up the suction, as he timed the thrusts at both ends keep up a constant state of sexual tension. When he judged she just couldn't take any more he pulled her up, ripped her panties off and took her, hard.

Pulling one of her legs up he thrust all the way into her until their pelvis bones met squarely on her clit, elicting a moan of pleasure and a gasp. Tinata had her eyes closed and was already starting to rock into him as he began to pound. He tried very hard not to concentrate on the fact that he was fucking the hell out of a teenage redhead with really great tits. He didn't want to cum until he'd worn her flat out. When he started to feel himself getting close he'd think about multiplication tables. That always got him to back off.

He grabbed her wrists, pinning them above her head with one hand, then started stroking her tits as he thrust. He just used his thumb on the left nipple, brushing it in time with his thrusts.

That really got the girl going. She kept thrusting against him, moaning and crying in pleasure until she came, suddenly and quite vocally, letting out a shriek of pain and pleasure that was surely heard all over the caravanserai.

Mike stopped immediately, letting her get her breath back. He'd been working out ever since he took over the caravanserai and wasn't even winded, yet.

"You okay?" he asked, looking at her as she opened her eyes.

"Oh, yes," Tinata breathed, then laughed. "I am very okay."

"Good," Mike said, sliding back into her. "I'm barely started."

"Oh, God!" Tinata gasped, lying back and quivering as his thrusts caused the aftershocks from her orgasm to crescendo. "Have mercy, Kildar!"

"Not hardly," Mike answered gruffly.

This time he took more time, not just hammering in and out but varying the pace and movement. He would thrust slow and long, all the way in, for five thrusts then pick up the pace over a few more series until he was hitting in a rapid fire he called "bunny fucking." After the bunny fuck he'd back off again.

By this time, Tinata wasn't in any control any more at all. She was just orgasming in rapid sequence, especially as the bunny fucks hit. From time to time he'd back off for a bit to let her gain some equilibrium then go back to it before she could even get a word out. If she could talk, she wasn't fully in the moment from his point of view.

When he got a little tired he slid over to the side, still maintaining penetration, and rearranged their limbs so he could lie on his side. Her right leg was over his left and his right over hers with contact maintained in the middle. He slid her right arm under his body and pinned her other arm behind her head with his left hand. This left his right hand free and he began stroking her nipples again as he continued to slide in and out.

"Kildar ..." the girl gasped. "Please ..."

"Please, what?" Mike asked, slowing down but not stopping.

"I ... please ... " the girl whimpered. "No more ..."

"Just a little more," Mike said evilly, sliding his hand down to her crotch.

"Nooo ..." Tinata whimpered as his finger slid over her clit and started working it.

Mike began hammering her, hard, as his finger continued to work her clit. Suddenly she let out a shriek and began writhing in his grasp, at which point he stopped, withdrawing his hand.

"Oh ..." the girl said, lying supine on the bed. "Oh ... God ..."

"Was that okay?" Mike asked, curiously.

"Okay?" Tinata said, opening her eyes. "I can't see! I can't see anything! I'm blind!"

"Low blood flow to the optic nerve," Mike said, gently. "It passes. You'll get over it."

"That's easy for you to say!" Tinata replied. "Does that mean that this has happened with you before?"

"To women I've been with," Mike admitted.

"You are a danger to all women, Kildar," Tinata said, chuckling throatily.

"So I've been told."

"I think I can see some light, now."

"See, it's passing," Mike said, sliding out.

"Ooooo ..." the girl gasped. "Warn a woman next time!"

"Why? It's more fun if it's by surprise," Mike said, getting out of bed. "Want something to drink?"

"I should be serving you," Tinata pointed out.

"Be a little hard at the moment," Mike said, opening up the fridge. "Coke?"

"Please," Tinata said, sitting up and fumbling to pull a pillow behind her. "I've never been blind before. It's not nice."

"But it's passing, yes?" Mike asked.

"Yes," Tinata admitted. "I can see shapes."

"Here," Mike said, putting the open Coke bottle in her hand.

She fumbled at it and lifted it to her lips, carefully.

"That's good," she said, smiling. "I'm seeing better."

"Good," Mike said, taking a pull off of his own Coke. "As soon as you can see clearly, we'll start again."

"So you can make me blind again?" Tinata asked, laughing.

"If I can," Mike admitted, smiling. "Are you saying it wasn't fun? Besides, you never finished your blowjob."

Over the next four hours he screwed Tinata through three applications of lubricant and various complaints of swelling, along with more orgasms than the poor girl could count. Only when she was entirely spent and supine did he finally allow himself to cum. And it was a hard one, fully curling his toes.

"Kildar ..." Tinata said as he slid a towel under her, gently, to catch the outflow.

"Hmmm?" Mike asked, pulling her to cuddle into his shoulder.

"Wonderful ..."

"Shhh," Mike said. "Sleep."

Mike lay there, thinking about his task list, until her breathing was regular and it was clear she was deeply asleep. Then he slid out of bed, carefully arranging a pillow under her head, and put on his clothes. He had plenty of work he should have been doing, but sometimes you just had to take time to make sure the harem was happy.

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