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Baen's Bar

Throughout this book you will see references to Baen's Bar and a conference there devoted to the 1632 universe ("1632 Tech Manual" conference). The Bar is an Internet website, a virtual bar, if you will, where readers and fans of Baen Books hang out, chat, and take part in some serious (and not-so-serious) discussions, including Baen books.

How do you get there?

Go online and open up your web browser. Type (without quotes): "" into the Address/Location bar in your browser & hit the Go radio button.

Sign up for the Bar at the WebBoard sign-in page.

Log into the WebBoard and you will see a listing of all the conferences at the Bar.

Be sure to read the FAQs conference, especially the "Newbies FAQ" before posting for the first time in the Bar.

See you there!

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