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Principal Characters

Aldanto, Caesare:
Sellsword, spy, Milanese of aristocratic family, formerly a Montagnard agent.
Bespi, Fortunato (Harrow):
Formerly Montagnard assassin.
Dorma, Petro:
Head of the commercially powerful House Dorma, head of the centrist faction, member of the Council of Ten, one of the Lords of the Nightwatch.
Dorma, Angelina:
Petro Dorma's younger sister.
Lopez, Eneko:
A Basque cleric and magician.
De Chevreuse, Francesca:
Courtesan, formerly of Orleans.
Dell'este, Enrico, Duke of Ferrara:
The Old Fox. One of Italy's leading tacticians. Grandfather of Marco and Benito.
Garavelli, Maria:
Boat-girl, part of one of the Arsenalotti clans.
Marina, Luciano (Chiano):
Strega Master Mage.
Montescue, Lodovico:
Head of the formerly powerful House Montescue. Sworn enemy of the Valdosta.
Montescue, Katerina (Kat):
Lodovico's granddaughter.
Montescue, Alessandra:
Lodovico's widowed granddaughter-in-law.
Valdosta, Benito (Benito Oro):
Grandson of the Duke of Ferrara, illegitimate son of Carlo Sforza.
Valdosta, Marco (Marco Felluci):
Grandson of the Duke of Ferrara.
Manfred, Prince, Earl of Carnac, Marquis of Rennes, Baron of Ravensburg:
Nephew to the Holy Roman Emperor.
Hakkonsen, Erik:
An Icelander, and bodyguard and mentor to Manfred.


Minor characters

Aleri, Francesco:
The head of the Milanese trade delegation, also the spymaster-in-chief of the Montagnard faction.
Badoero, Count:
A pro-Montagnard noble.
Bartelozzi, Antimo:
Agent and adviser to Enrico Dell'este.
Belgio, Father:
Cleric and healer.
Boldoni, Ugo:
Pastor of a poor parish in Venice.
Brunelli, Lucrezia:
"The most beautiful and courted woman in Venice," sister to Ricardo.
Brunelli, Ricardo:
Head of the pro-Rome faction.
Calenti, Lord:
One of the Lords of the Nightwatch, one of Lucrezia's admirers.
Capuletti, Bishop:
A pro-Pauline bishop.
A Slavic demon.
Destre, Giuliano (Jewel):
Minor thug, Dandelo bullyboy.
Evangelina, Sister:
A Hypatian Sibling.
Foscari, Doge Giorgio:
Doge of Venice. Elderly.
Frescata, Aldo:
Venice's condottiere.
Von Gherens, Ritter:
A Prussian knight.
Owner of a tavern, connected with smuggling.
One of the "loco" in the Jesolo marshes.
Trusted elderly servant at the Casa Montescue.
Grand Duke of Lithuania and Poland, possessed by a demon (see Chernobog).
Laivetti, Mercutio:
A flashy young thief.
Valdosta, Lorendana:
Deceased. Mother of Benito and Marco, daughter of Enrico Dell'este. Headstrong, loyal Montagnard.
Trusted servant and former nursemaid at the Casa Montescue.
Maggiore, Father:
Head of Servants of the Holy Trinity in Venice
Matteoni, Alberto, Stephano, Luciano, Giovanni:
Enforcers, debt collectors and rent-a-beating boys.
Erik's batman.
Hohenstauffen, Charles Fredrik:
Holy Roman Emperor.
Sforza, Carlo:
The Wolf of the North, Milan's chief condottiere. A military legend.
The partner of Chiano, a Jesolo marsh healer.
Von Stublau:
De Tomaso, Raphael:
Artist and friend of Marco Valdosta. A Strega initiate.
Della Tomasso, Captain:
Master of a smuggling coaster.
Trolliger, Baron Hans:
One of the Holy Roman Emperor's courtiers and advisers.
Uriel, Brother:
Straight-laced monk, one of the Servants of the Holy Trinity.
Valentina & Claudia:
Thieves, musicians, Strega.
Commercial House which gives shelter to Marco and Benito.
Visconti, Filippo, Maria:
Duke of Milan.
Sachs, Abbot Hans:
Head of the Servants of the Holy Trinity mission to Venice, in charge of the Knights of the Holy Trinity there, too.
Sister Ursula:
A nun and one of the leading experts in Christian magic, accompanying the Servants and Knights.

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