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Dear Bookseller:

You hold in your hands my latest deathless prose, sure to be remembered in the history of literature alongside such giants as Moby Dick, King Lear and The Princess Diaries.

In seriousness (mostly), Into the Looking Glass is somewhat of a departure for me in that it explores some very hard SF areas. Whereas my previous books had been good primers on basic "futurist" principles, Into the Looking Glass, in the guise of an action filled romp with evil monsters attacking earth and good guy humans fending them off, is really a walk into the fascinating world of sub-atomic particles and quantum mechanics. I worked closely with Doctor Travis Taylor, Ph.D. on the novel. Furthermore, he and I will be collaborating on a series to follow, tentatively entitled the Voyage of the Space Bubble wherein the (few surviving) characters from Into the Looking Glass will venture into the galactic fold and undoubtedly be folded. (And spindled and quite probably mutilated.)

Fear not, for tho you walk through the valley of the shadow of actual hard science fiction, my characters and my action, they shall comfort you! The novel is a mixture of combat SF, hard science fiction and Alice in Wonderland. Thus, obviously, the title.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you don't strange things from the Eighth Dimension will eat you. So like it! That's an order! Harumph!

John Ringo
Commerce, GA
2004 (Probably, depending upon some relativistic effects as yet to be determined by empirical evidence.)

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