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Secret World War

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Secret World War

SPECIAL BONUS STORIES: It's Meta v. Meta on the Battlefields of WWII
Listen to these exciting tales of the very first metahumans, as they go toe-to-toe in Europe with the fate of the world in their powerful hands…

Sgian Dubh - When his country comes calling, a wee Scotsman proves to be more than enough for the task: rescue Yankee Doodle and Dixie Belle!

Navy Seal - In the chill depths of the Atlantic, the man they call Navy Seal must carry out his orders, despite the cost.

White Bird - Meet La Faucon Blanc, France's greatest - and strangest - aviatrix.

Epidsodes of

The Luck of the Devil

Gravity, pt. 1

Gravity, pt 2

Episodes of

Sgian Dugh

Navy Seal

White Bird


Book One

Special Bonus Story: Luck of the Devil
Listen to the exclusive tale of Handsome Devil, a metahuman who has it all: a well-paying job (that gets him shot at every day), a beautiful woman (with four arms) and a lifelong streak of incredible, impossible luck. What could possibly go wrong?

Handsome Devil


Created by Steve Libbey
Portrait by Larry Dixon

Real Name: Klaus Cotton
Affiliation: Echo
Rank: Mach One
Nationality: United States of America
Metahuman Traits: Metahuman physique; inexplicable, probability bending luck

Cleveland wasn’t the sort of city accustomed to having red-skinned children born in their hospitals, yet Klaus was lucky enough to have parents who loved him unconditionally. In fact, he was lucky, period: nothing went wrong for him, and if it did, it soon righted itself in his favor.

He skated through life with a sense of entitlement and laziness (why try hard when everything just seems to work out?), until he read an article about how much Echo paid their metahumans. Having been thrown out of every casino in the country, he applied and was accepted as a Mach One until Echo could prove the existence of his powers.