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War of Honor :
War Of Honor
War of Honor
The Far Side of the Stars :
Far Side of the stars
The far side of the Stars
This Sceptered Isle :
This Sceptered Isle
This Sceptered Isle
The Shadow Of Saganami:
The Shadow Of Saganami
The Shadow of Saganami
Ghost :
Unto The Breach :
Unto The Breach
Unto The Breach
The Baltic War
The Baltic War
1634 - The Baltic War

When The Tide Rises
When The Tide Rises
When The Tide Rises

Storm from the Shadows
Storm From The Shadows
Storm from the Shadows

Torch Of Freedom
Torch of Freedom
Torch of Freedom

The Eastern Front
The Eastern Front
The Eastern front Cover


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Jim Baen

Baen Publishing.

In response to an e-mail alerting me to a problem with some of my ISO images I have generated and uploaded par2 data repair & recovery files as a temporary quick fix.
These are used to verify and if needed repair the ISO files.
 I will be re uploading the entire ISO directory once I have some other work done and have time to concentrate on this site again.

A quick note for those linking here from 'Vorkosigan Saga' on wikipedia.
 I am sorry to inform you that the Cryoburn CD is no longer here.

It has been removed at the request of the author as relayed by Baen.
Hello, Lois Bujold is requesting that you please take down the Cryoburn CD. Thanks so much. best wishes, Laura -- Laura Haywood-Cory Associate Editor Baen Books >
Laura #
Replace # with @ for the address.
This is all the information I have at this time.
If I get any further information, I will share it here.
Invasion now fills the space where Cryoburn was.

As of 1-1-13 I have no further information.

I have received requests to create index pages of the series.
The later discs for the major series do an adequate job of this now.
So unless I receive further requests of a specific nature I won't be.

I am however still fixing missing files and bad links found on the discs.
In particular the mislinked RTF files on several later discs have been fixed here.
All errors however remain on the ISO images of the discs, they are unaltered.

The Baen free library link in the upper right points to the collection on Baen

This Compilation of Baen's Cds is intended to honor the Intent of both Jim Baen & Baen publishing in their endevours to bring publishing into the 21st century by being the modern equivalent to Gutenburg.

I have done my best to preserve both the look and feel of the Discs in their entirety. I have changed only what was necessary make the existing pages function as they were originaly intended in a slightly different environment.

Clicking on the Book Images bordering this page will take you to the original Discs as shipped. (The popups show the cover of the book the disc came with.) This was done in order to be sure I preserved the original experience the authors worked so hard to bring to us, their loyal readers.

Clicking on the name in the red banners will download the ISO image of the disc in its original format unmodified for function here.

Originally this compilation combined the 10 released discs as of 7-4-06 when I decided to do this honorarium. 

However I have  decided to acknowledge that life does indeed go on and continue to keep this collection updated as new discs come out.

My congratulations to all at Baen publishing for a job well done with this venture.

Disc numbering in the directory tree is from the Fifth Imperium for consistent reference & ease of use.

Known sources for these discs are @
The fifth Imperium
Szymon Sokól Baencd collection
Allen Smith
Suramya's Mirror

The delay in release from dedication date is purely from me learning HTML to do this project.

Bun-Bun fans will be happy to see the sluggy directory.
Extra links to Schlock Mercenary & Vexxar simply because I saw them on Fifth Imperium and I like them.

All Errors, omissions, glitches Etc are mine.

Courtesy of ME.
For antiSpam Please "remove me" before E-mailing me.

This address alias is used for sorting purposes and forwards to me automatically.
P.S. - Please let me know about any links that fail.

Edit done on 5-26-07 to redo the image shown for each book to that of the cover the CD shipped with as per the request of 'Toni Weisskopf' A Publisher at Baen, as I had apparently stepped on Mr. Mattinglys toes unknowingly.

Background Starscape changed for one from nasa/Kitt peak at same time for same reason. Apologies to all toes involved.

Hell's Faire :
Hell's Faire
Hell's Faire
There will be Dragons :
There will be Dragons
There will be Dragons
Windriders Oath :
Windriders Oath
Wind Riders Oath
Into the Looking Glass :
Into the Looking Glass
Into The Looking Glass
At all costs :
At all Costs
At All Costs
Hell Hath No Fury :
Hell Hath No Fury
Hell Hath No Fury
Best of Jim Baens Univ
Jim Baens Universe
The Best of Jim Baens Universe

Claws that Catch
Claws that Catch
Claws that catch cover

Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm

Mission of Honor
Mission of Honor
Mission of Honor Cover

Invasion Cover