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You are looking at a collection of over one hundred & sixty (160+) Complete novels by Baen publishing. The authors here represent many of the best of the sci-fi genre. The collection itself is a tribute to the dream and ideals of Jim Baen the founder of Baen publishing. This Compilation is comprised of Novels from the so far 15 CD's released by Baen publishing into the wild.

The reasons for this can best be explained by the words of those who  decided to release the discs in the first place. In that vain I have collected all the discs since I found the first one the binding of "War of Honor" and was immediately hooked on the concept.

The simplicity and beauty of the concept appealed to me. Use the rising tide of the internet and the information age rather than fighting it. I was surprised though pleasantly when the second disc came out. What I like is that it uses the forces of piracy against themselves turning a possible negative into a strong advertising campaign. This lets the Authors concontrate on writing the novels we love, the publisher on publishing the books we want and pirates ghet to help spread the word on what a great product Bean has put out. Everyone wins.

The result is the Baen Cd's that I have compiled here into one large collection of roughly 8Gb including Disc images or a little over 2.5Gb without them. I have sererated the Books, Audio Books, Music, Sluggy Freelance out to prevent duplicate entries and to make sure that if you reach a book by a different disc your place is not lost.

The discs also contain the books in several formats. Html, Ms-Reader, MobiPocket for Palm/Wince, Rocket Book and RTF or Rich text format. For me the Html and RTF are the most useful though I am told the others have their place.

So please enjoy.