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1634-The Ram Rebellion

Table of Contents


Eric Flint
Part I: Recipes for Revolution
Eric Flint
Birdie's Farm
Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett
Scrambled Eggs
Eric Flint
Birdie's Village
Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett
Eric Flint
Part II: Enter the Ram
The Merino Problem
Paula Goodlett
The Brillo Legends
Bad, Baaaad, Brillo
Paula Goodlett
When Brillo Met Annie
Stanley Leghorn
Local Woman Goes Buggy
Paula Goodlett
No, No, Brillo!
Virginia DeMarce
Brillo and the Blue Problem
Rick Boatright
Paula Goodlett
The Ransom of Brillo
Paula Goodlett
The Brillo Letters
Virginia DeMarce, Paula Goodlett,
Kerryn Offord and Laura Runkle
A Night at the Ballet
Kerryn Offord
Part III: The Trouble in Franconia
Motherhood and Apple Pie, While You're at It
Virginia DeMarce
Common Sense
Virginia DeMarce
The Suhl Incident
Eric Flint and John Zeek
Bypass Surgery
Virginia DeMarce
In the Night, All Hats Are Gray
Virginia DeMarce
Who's Calling This Race?
Virginia DeMarce
A Nightmare Upon the Present
Virginia DeMarce
On Ye Saints
Eva Musch
Eric Flint
Part IV: The Ram Rebellion
Eric Flint and Virginia DeMarce

Chapter 1: "Not the Three Graces"
Chapter 2: "Helmut, speaking for the Ram"
Chapter 3: "The natives are restless"
Chapter 4: "Last time, it was a work shoe"
Chapter 5: "Prophesy to the breath"
Chapter 6: "I shall nonetheless do this"
Chapter 7: "Recriminations will get you nowhere"
Chapter 8: "But you think that we are going to hell"
Chapter 9: "Unless it should happen that I am unlucky"
Chapter 10: "Just a truce in a little corner of it"
Chapter 11: "Brillo, four feet or not, is a creature of free will"
Chapter 12: "I'm sick to death of these swaggering little lords"
Chapter 13: "This is simply more than we can tolerate"
Chapter 14: "Call off the ram, or they die"
Chapter 15: "The ram has taken Halsgericht now"
Chapter 16: "Now you're scaring me to death"

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